The Amazing Technology of the BiOM

The staff at SRT Prosthetics and Orthotics have always encouraged their patients to live a “life without limitation.” Now, with the advanced technology of the BiOM, their patients can take one robotic step closer to that kind of life.

Recently, Sam Santa-Rita and Shawn Brown of SRT Prosthetics made a trip to Boston, Massachusetts, to witness the technology of the Power Foot BiOM, which represents an entirely new category in prosthetic technology. They immediately saw the potential of this device, and knew that it would provide a higher quality of life for amputees in their community. Sam and Shawn are excited to announce that SRT Prosthetics is now a proud provider of the  BiOM, and also one of the first 10 facilities in the world to provide it to their patients.

The BiOM is the first bionic lower-leg system to replace lost muscle function to allow patients to walk with less stress on the rest of their body, allowing them to get through their day using less energy. The BiOM relies on precision robotic engineering that powers amputees from one step to the next.

The BiOM is a bionic lower-leg system that simulates the action of the ankle, Achilles tendon and calf muscles by propelling the amputee upwards and forwards during each walking step. Unlike passive carbon fiber feet that only return 50% of the energy of a natural limb, the reflexive action in the BiOM performs net work on every step and returns 100% of the energy while accommodating for real-time terrain changes.

Inside the device is a lithium-polymer battery that is just as easy to use as a battery in a cordless drill. This BiOM reacts to its environment, whether it’s stairs, ramps or level ground. Built-in sensors and microprocessors enable the Power Foot BiOM to mimic the natural way that the foot, ankle, Achilles tendon and calf muscle work together.

But what does all of this mean for the patient?

The Power Foot BiOM is more than just an “upgrade” in prosthetic technology. It will allow an amputee to walk further and faster with less effort over all terrain types, while reducing muscle pain and fatigue. The BiOM makes rapid and real time accommodations as the amputee walks, which greatly improves their balance and reduces their risk of falling. With the Power Foot BiOM, an amputee can easily walk up a flight of stairs step over step, and walk up a curb without hesitation or fear of stumbling.

“This device has the power to change lives,” says Shawn Brown of SRT. “I’ve been an amputee for years, and after spending an entire day on the BiOM, I felt like I had my foot back.”

Ultimately, the Power Foot BiOM provides the opportunity for a higher quality of life. For any amputee, the dream of regaining the sensation of their ankle always seemed to be out of reach. Now, with the technology of the BiOM, that dream can become a reality.


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