We are honored to continue to share Norm’s story in loving memory. 

Every business has its own personal list of success stories. Norm Terrill of Hicksville, Ohio is one of SRT’s favorites. You would assume that an 80-year-old bilateral amputee would live a pretty quiet life. However, once you meet Norm, you will soon find out how active he actually is.

Norm first became a BKA (below-knee amputee) five years ago when he lost his left leg to Type 2 diabetes. A few years after that, he lost his right leg to the same illness. However, Norm wasn’t easily defeated. He prided himself on never using crutches and worked very hard with his therapists. Norm says, “The best coach I had was my daughter, Lee Ann.”

Soon after his amputation, Norm’s relationship with SRT began when he was visited by Sam Santa-Rita, Prosthetist and Founder, who worked with Norm during his stay in the hospital. Norm states, “The support I got from Sam, my family, and other amputees was very helpful in my rehabilitation.”

Norm was also inspired by other amputees when he attended one of SRT’s programs for amputees. “They really get you working,” Norm says. Some of the more challenging parts of Norm’s day include bending over and walking down the stairs. Norm stated that these exercises were very helpful with his daily tasks.

Those exercises will definitely come in handy, considering Norm is a proud father of four (Terry, Tammy, Lorrie and Lee Ann), a grandfather of five (Shannon, Nick, Megan, Chad and Zach), and a great-grandfather of one, Jarrix.

After retiring from General Tire in Bryan, Ohio, after 25 years (and after serving three years in the United States Army during the Korean conflict), Norm spends a lot of time at home and camping with his wife, Vada. He enjoys watching NASCAR and is an avid Ohio State fan.

Norm is the perfect example of “mind over matter.” With a great deal of passion and energy, he never lets his prosthesis get in his way. When asked if he had anything to say to new amputees, Norm said, “Don’t let it beat you. Because it can…if you give up.”