Success Story: Amputee Golf, Indiana

Amputee GolfUnlike some of the amputees you will read about in our articles, Kim never faced a tragic accident, or suffered an amputation due to diabetes or a vascular disease. For her, life as a below-knee amputee began at birth.

Born with a clubbed left foot, Kim also had a birth defect on her right leg just below her ankle. She was fit for her first prosthetic at the age of two when she first began walking.

“I admire people who suffer from amputations later on in life,” says Moore. “For me, this is what I’m used to. I grew up with an amputation, and I’ve never known anything different.”

As she grew up, Kim began to experience a passion for sports. An avid basketball, football, soccer, volleyball and golf fan, she decided to pick up a basketball and join a team in both grade school and in high school in Fort Wayne, Indiana. “Although I struggled with my balance and speed, I still loved playing the game. But after a while the game kept getting faster and I kept getting slower, so my Dad suggested golf to me as a sport with a slower pace.” After graduating from high school in 1999, Kim’s golfing career shot off like a rocket as she went on to obtain a scholarship to The University of Indianapolis with a major in biology (pre-med) and a minor in chemistry and Spanish. By the time she graduated from college in 2003, Kim was ranked 8th in the nation, and had achieved such accomplishments as winning seven college tournaments, receiving the Individual Scoring Record, as well as being the first recipient of the Kim Moore Spirit Award for lady golfers in Divisions I, II and III.

Moore went on to play for the Duramed Futures Golf Tour, a nationwide ladie’s tour, as well as several Indiana State Opens. If that wasn’t impressive enough, she would later win the Canadian National Amputee Golf Championship in 2003, the Japan Open Championship in 2005, and is an eight-time U.S. National Amputee Ladies Champion. Kim has a career record of four holes-in-one and has been a member of the Professional Golf Association (PGA) since 2006.

Currently, Kim resides in Elkhart, Indiana, and works for the Elcona Country Club in Bristol, Indiana, where she gives golf lessons. Her family includes her parents, Jane and Chuck Moore of Fort Wayne, as well as her brother Adam Moore and sister, Heather Wyszynski. For the past several years, SRT has been a proud sponsor of this amazing and inspiring athlete, and will continue to support her and her incredible achievements.