The SRT Standard – on a National Level

Nestled in the heart of downtown Indianapolis at 1900 N. Meridian Street is the state of the art, SRT National Prosthetic Center. When you walk through our doors, you are more than a patient – you are a friend and a guest. After being greeted at the door, you will be escorted to our tranquil lobby where you can enjoy complimentary refreshments in our spa-like atmosphere. SRT welcomes anyone from around the country and around the world to experience our first-class patient care. We will be happy to escort you to our office from your plane, recommend hotels based on your budget, and recommend points of interest for your families to enjoy during your trip.

Excellent Patient Comfort and Care

The National Prosthetic Center was not designed over night. This three-level, state of the art facility has been in the works for years with one main objective – to be designed for optimal patient care and comfort. When you become part of the SRT family, we want you to be as comfortable here as you are at home, and we invite you and your family to relax in our patient lounge and kitchen during your appointment. Your time spent at NPC will be more than a simple fitting. You will have the opportunity to test out your prosthesis in real-world situations such as walking on grass terrain and jogging in our gym. You will also have the opportunity to utilize our Activities of Daily Living room to practice routine activities such getting in and out of bed and the shower.

Unsurpassed Prosthetic Technology

At the National Prosthetic Center, we pride ourselves on having access to the most advanced prosthetic technology and Superior Rehabilitation Techniques unavailable to other facilities. The National Prosthetic Center is a provider of bionic prosthetic technology, and our prosthetists are experts on the most up-to-date technology available for both upper and lower extremity amputees. Our close relationships with manufacturers over the years has allowed us to be a Beta testing site. Together with the patients, our suggestions for improvements have been implemented within the industry to improve the lives of countless amputees. Through the use of casts, measurements, computer aided design and working models, we ensure that each prosthesis is unique to the individual.

Whole Body Health

At the National Prosthetic Center, we concentrate on more than just the limb that is missing. We concentrate on whole body health, and offer a wide variety of activities for our patients including the Amputee Academy!

The SRT Difference

We truly believe that the challenges people face each and every day can be overcome with attention to the little details – along with care, compassion, faith, and the correct guidance. Everyone at NPC has a story; a story of accomplishment, a story of the heart, which allows us to relate to our patients on a multitude of levels. Our sincere belief in these words, paired with the care we provide and the compassion with which we provide it, allows us to provide exceptional care and service to our patients. At NPC, we do not charge for an office visit. SRT is in-network with the majority of all major insurance companies in the area, and works with all insurance to make sure the patient has payment portions that are as small as possible.

 A Team Approach

At the National Prosthetic Center, we never stop learning and improving. SRT Prosthetists work closely with physicians, physical and occupational therapists, nurses, and other medical professionals to monitor patient progress. At NPC, we also have a full education space to provide classes on a wide variety of topics from the basics of prosthetic use to the advancements in prosthetic technology. We will continually be holding educational classes throughout the year, most offering CEU credits. If you are interested in attending a class, or would like to be a guest presenter, please contact us at or at 317.296.7330

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