A comfortable, well-fitting socket is the foundation of every amputee’s positive outcome. Your prosthetic socket will be designed specifically for you through a unique, custom-tailored method that has been selected for you by your prosthetist.

Connect TF & The Direct Socket System:

SRT believes that a consistently reliable and well-fitting socket is the foundation to a positive outcome, and we are excited to introduce two new systems that blend time and efficiency with the skills and abilities of specially trained prosthetists. This results in more comfort for you!

Prosthetists who are well versed with the Direct Socket System and Connect TF can fabricate a finished socket quicker than what other methods may permit. The simplicity and efficiency of the fitting process makes it much more convenient than traditional methods. 

Specifically, the Connect TF system even allows above-knee patients who normally have difficulty putting on a traditional socket to do so while seated. Patients have testified to their fit and comfort, allowing for them to maximize their time in therapy and increase their mobility.

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Symphonie Aqua Casting System: This revolutionary prosthesis casting system consistently creates comfortable, well fitting sockets.The Symphonie Aqua Casting System has been able to capture the exact shape of the amputated limb under full weight bearing. Click here to learn more!

MotoMan Carver: Patients who have undergone an amputation deserve reliable, well-performing prosthetic limbs. To create comfortable prosthetic sockets that fit and perform well, SRT Prosthetics uses the Motoman Robotic Machine.

Robotic Prosthetic Carver