We are honored to continue to share Pat’s story in loving memory of her.

When you walk through the doors at SRT, you are more than just a patient; you are a friend. One of SRT’s longest and dearest friends is Pat Hoch, who has been part of the SRT family since the company first opened their doors in 2002.Pat Hoch, prosthetic leg

“I haven’t met anyone at SRT that I haven’t loved”, says Pat. “The kindness and consideration they show to their patients is absolutely their first priority”.

In 1955, Pat and her friend, both seniors in high school, were driving to a basketball game just south of Zanesville, Indiana. As their vehicle cruised through the foggy country roads, Pat’s friend lost control of the car and crashed on a one lane bridge. The wreck resulted in a punctured artery in Pat’s left leg. After arriving in the hospital, the doctors delivered the news to Pat and her family that her best option was to amputate her leg below the knee. Pat boldly proclaimed, “I can get into Heaven with one leg the same way I can with two”.

Pat would spend three months in the hospital in traction until she was finally ready to come home, however in a full body cast. With tears welling up in her eyes, Pat recalls the first basketball game she attended after her accident.

“I was still in my body cast in a reclining wheelchair as they wheeled me out in the gym”, she says. “I will never forget the huge banner my classmates had made for me that said WELCOME HOME PATTY”.

Pat has been an amputee for 56 years, and SRT has been honored to provide her prosthetic care for the past 10 amazing years.

“I have been praying for SRT since the very beginning”, says Pat. “The company’s faith in God is why they have succeeded. It’s amazing to have that kind of concept built into a business”.

Pat has retired from Franklin Electric in Bluffton, Indiana after working as a Managed Corporate Payroll Specialist for 42 years, handling the payroll for over 2,500 employees. If you ask Pat how long she has been married to her husband, Howard, she will look you in the eye and say, “Forever”. But after some research, it was discovered that they have been married for 45 years, and have two sons, Tony and Kent. They recently designed and built their home in Columbia City, Indiana, after residing in Ossian, Indiana for over 40 years. However, you will rarely find Pat and Howard sitting still for any lengthy period of time. They both love to spend their winters in Florida and have enjoyed traveling the country together over the years.

“Make sure to include in this article that after everything Pat has been through, I have never once heard her complain”.  – HOWARD HOCH