We hope that this story from Moriah’s mother, Melissa, can provide hope to future parents.

When Moriah was born her collar bone was broken, she was also diagnosed with low muscle tone affecting her entire body and started multiple therapies just a few weeks after she was born. At 6 months old she was diagnosed with epilepsy and continues to suffer with seizures 2-4 times per week. Moriah was also diagnosed with neurotransmitters disorder. That is an umbrella term for the group of diseases that affect how neurotransmitters are made, transported, or broken down in the brain. One of the issues for Moriah is that her brain doesn’t process hot and cold or pain like it should. While Moriah’s chronologic age is 24 her cognitive age is 10-12 years old.

On Labor Day weekend 2019, Moriah wrecked her 3 wheeled bicycle. She has never had the balance or stability to ride a 2 wheeled bike. It had been raining and I was reluctant to let her ride, but all the other kids were riding, and she just wanted to join in. Her week had been rough with seizures, and I thought to myself “just let her be normal for a little while.” She was on her bike for no more than 200 feet, and she turned her wheel and suddenly, she was on the ground. It didn’t appear to be serious, maybe some bumps and bruises, but nothing more than that or so we thought. We didn’t take her to the ER immediately. After about 2 hours and Moriah was still to the ER for us. Moriah had a compression fracture in her tibia and a compound fracture in her fibula. She was not able to put any weight on her leg at all. I checked her leg every hour to make sure there were no changes. We were sent home and instructed to call the Orthopedic surgeon on Tuesday, as it was Sunday night and Monday was Labor Day.

On Tuesday we were told she needed a Trauma Surgeon and finally were able to get an appointment for later that day. We loaded her in the car and by the time we drove to Methodist Hospital, Indianapolis. The trip is a little over an hour from our house. Once we got to the appointment, the medical assistant took her shoe off, her foot was blue, and the swelling was worse. Moriah was rushed to the ER. Nothing could prepare us for what we were about to hear. The swelling had become so bad that it was killing the nerves and muscles in her leg.

Compartment Syndrome was the diagnosis. The medical team did everything that they could to save her leg. Moriah spent 11 days in ICU (22 days in the hospital) and had 10 surgeries. They were able to save her leg, just not all of it. Moriah’s amputation is just below the knee.
SRT has been so instrumental in Moriah’s care after her amputation. Matt came and met us at the hospital, at a time when our entire world had been shattered, he gave us hope. We knew that it would be along road with many bumps, but we are making it every day.

When we walk into the SRT office it’s like walking into one of your best friend’s house. The entire staff goes above and beyond to make Moriah feel comfortable and they get on her level to help her understand what they are doing and what she needs to do. I cannot say enough about the individualized care that Moriah receives. The first visit with Matt in the hospital set the tone. He asked questions and listened to us so that he understood Moriah’s abilities and how he could help. That visit made our decision to chose SRT for Moriah’s prosthetic care.