SRT Prosthetics & Orthotics is excited to introduce our new Mobile Office in Indianapolis, available to visit any nursing home or medical facility to provide your patients expedited patient care and better outcomes! SRT is a full-service orthotic and prosthetic company with proud essential medical professionals who are able to treat your patients in your facility at your request. Contact us today at 317.296.7330 or email



  • On-site fittings, adjustments, modifications and deliveries.
  • Quicker turn-around times.
  • Optimized therapy time for your patients!
  • Assistance with expedited paperwork.
Specialized On-site Services for Nursing Homes & Medical Facilities!

Advancements in Socket Technology
Prosthetists who are well versed with the Direct Socket System and Connect TF can fabricate a finished socket quicker than what other methods may permit. The simplicity and efficiency of the fitting process makes it much more convenient than traditional methods. Specifically, the Connect TF system even allows above-knee patients who normally have difficulty putting on a traditional socket to do so while seated. Patients have testified to their fit and comfort, allowing for them to maximize their time in therapy and increase their mobility, thus accelerating the recovery and rehabilitation process.


On-Site Orthotic Services
SRT offers a wide variety of custom and off the shelf orthotic options for your patients, all of which can be fit, modified and delivered on site! Our specially trained, Certified Orthotists look forward to collaborating with you to find the best orthotic option for your patient that will provide the best outcome!


Prosthetic Shrinker Donning Tubes
Patients who have difficulty donning their own prosthetic shrinkers can now utilize a shrinker donning tube. These tubes are available at your request to utilize and keep at your facility! Click here to watch a helpful ‘how-to’ video!