Lt. Gov. Murray’s Visit

A Front Row Seat to the Future
Lt. Governor Murray witnesses the birth of the bionic prosthesis

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What was once an unattainable dream for amputees is now a ground-breaking reality. The age of bionic prosthetics is here, and it is changing the lives of amputees across the country.

Inside the iWalk facility in Boston, Massachusetts, the Power Foot BiOM was officially revealed to the public. Among the crowd of amputees, practitioners, and media were Shawn Brown, amputee and Certified Prosthetist of SRT Prosthetics and his wife, Allison who is also an amputee.

“You could feel the energy in the room”, said Shawn. “You could instantly tell that the entire prosthetic industry was changing and improving”.

The Power Foot BiOM is more than just an “upgrade” in prosthetic technology. It will allow an amputee to walk further and faster with less effort over all terrain types, while reducing muscle and joint pain. The BiOM makes rapid and real time accommodations as the amputee walks, which greatly improves their balance, and reduces their risk of falling. With the Power Foot BiOM, an amputee can easily walk up a flight of stairs step over step, and walk up a curb without hesitation or fear of stumbling.

Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray was on-sight to witness this incredible technology first-hand.

“Massachusetts has a rich history of innovation, and it’s great to see this thriving company develop their product here,” stated Governor Murray. “iWalk not only provides jobs and business development in this community, but also hope through their innovative technology that delivers a better quality of life for people across the country.”

The BiOM reacts to its environment, whether its stairs, ramps, or level ground. Built-in sensors and microprocessors enable the Power Foot BiOM to mimic the natural way that the foot, ankle, Achilles tendon, and calf muscle work together.

“I truly believe the BiOM will change the manner in which amputees navigate our world”, stated Shawn Brown. “I have been an amputee for nearly 20 years, and after wearing the BiOM for only a short while, I had the sensation of having an ankle again. This has the power to change lives. Within one hour of your first experience, your body and mind will remember what it was like to have a limb that actually contributes to efficient propulsion”.

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