On Christmas Day, 2014, Landon Campbell and his brother, Logan, were in a car accident resulting in the amputation of Landon’s right arm below the elbow. Click on the video below to follow his inspiring journey.

Six years ago, we introduced Landon Campbell to the SRT community in one of the best success stories we’ve ever shared. Today, we are excited and proud to feature an interview with Landon and his mother, Stacey, just months after graduating from high school and learn what the future holds for him!

What does “Landon Strong” mean to you now almost 6 years removed from the accident?

Landon: It hard at this time to think about needing to be “LandonStrong” at this point.  But, what it does mean to me even now is how much support I received from my family and especially from my community.  It is a little crazy to think back and remember all of the support I received, and all the things people did for me.

Stacey: Thinking about sitting in the hospital and thinking everything a mom does, like will he ever play any sport again, drive, have a girlfriend, graduate high school, etc. and now almost 6 years later has done all of that.  He has played sports, had a girlfriend, went to the prom, drove, graduated, and I am so proud.

Out of all of your accomplishments, which are you most proud of and why?

Landon: Another question that is hard to answer, because really day by day I do things and never think about them as being accomplishments.  To me at this point it’s just stuff I do like anyone else.  But, if I really think about it, I do normal stuff, but it’s a big deal because 5 1/2 years ago I said I would never do such things as sports or driving.

Stacey:  I am so proud that he got back on the baseball field, driving and working a job.  As a mom I am just so proud every day of all that he does.

What has the support of your family, friends and community meant to you?

Landon: The support of my family, friends, community, 4-H group and benefits has been amazing.  I seriously couldn’t have done what I have without all of the support.  I look back and just realize that I am really lucky.

Stacey:  Our family and community have been amazing.  We have had volunteers to help with healing and therapy.  Our community has had benefits.  Our 4-H group has helped Landon with so much.  We are truly lucky.

What sports, hobbies or activities have you been involved in since the original article? Why do you enjoy them?

Landon: Baseball, soccer, bass fishing, and 4-H.  I love baseball, and I always have.  I haven’t tried playing basketball yet.  Last year I played all 9 positions in a single game last year, which was kind of awesome.

Stacey: Landon is the type of kid that doesn’t try anything out in public until he knows he is really good at it.  So, I thought he would never try organized sports at school.  But he did and even tried new ones such as soccer and did very well.  Last year he was invited to play in an all-star soccer game in Indianapolis.  His coach last year let him play all 9 positions in a single baseball game, and he did awesome.  He even pitched and caught, which he never practiced much on because the coaches wouldn’t have ever thought of letting him play those positions, but he did great.  He also showed more species of animals in 4-H.  His has shown pigs, rabbits, sheep and cows.

What are your future goals now that you’ve graduated?

Landon: to get a good job and make lots of money.

Stacey: I would love to see him go to and help coach limb difference kids, or to be a motivational speaker in the lost limb community.  We have met so many great people that would help him in that path.  Landon isn’t much of speaking in public or stepping out of his comfort zone, but I know he would be great with kinds with limb loss.

What has your experience been like with the SRT team? 

Landon: The SRT team is great, and they were a huge help.

Stacey: The SRT team is truly amazing. The SRT team went above and beyond.  We consider them friends and can ask questions any day or time.  This group we would recommend to anyone.

What would you like to say to a new amputee to encourage them?

Landon: To never give up.  You can’t lay in sorrow and get depressed.  You have to get out of your head and just decide you are going to be okay.  Having a support group is key.  The SRT team is a great place to start.

Stacey: As a mom I went on the internet and started to search all of the groups and help groups.  Landon never gave up or quit.  He never wanted us to treat him differently or baby him.  Landon would be a great person to contact for support.  And, our family would love to help other families in this same situation any time.

“We love the SRT group, and could have never got through everything we did without them.  I think having a strong support group is definitely the key.  And we are here and available to help other families at any type”.