Your Journey with a Prosthetic Leg

Whether you are facing amputation for the first time, a brand new amputee, or have lived with a prosthetic leg for years, SRT can guide you through your journey and get you the most out of your prosthetic care and rehab.

Prosthetic Leg Solutions

At SRT Prosthetics & Orthotics, we’re committed to helping you achieve all of your goals and desires. We strive to provide Superior Rehabilitation Techniques and technology that focuses on whole body health. SRT provides physical support while our empathetic, expert staff offers compassionate care for you and your family.

SRT provides a large variety of prosthetic leg and other lower extremity prosthetics:

  • Above Knee & Below Knee Prosthetics
  • Microprocessor-Controlled Knees
  • Sports & High-Activity Knees
  • Flex Feet
  • Multi-Axial Feet
  • Swimming Prosthesis
  • Ultra-Lightweight Prosthesis
  • Partial Foot Restorations
  • Symes Prosthetics
  • Rotationplasty
  • Hip-disarticulations
  • Custom-fit, comfortable sockets
  • Pediatric Prosthetics

SRT Prosthetics now offers free and secure virtual consultations and evaluations! You can join any of our specialists from the comfort of your own home as we learn more about your goals and develop a custom plan to provide you with the best possible outcome. Contact Mark White, Patient Liaison, at to schedule this today!

Our Heroes


We truly believe that the challenges you face each and every day can be overcome with attention to detail – along with care, compassion, faith and the correct guidance. Our sincere belief in these words, paired with the care we provide and the way we deliver it, allows for unsurpassed quality of service.

SRT’s prosthetists are experts on the most up-to-date technology available for both upper and lower extremity amputees. We create your custom prosthetic leg to fit comfortably and function perfectly. SRT’s close relationships with manufacturers over the years has allowed us to be a beta testing site. However… it is our patient’s outcomes that truly drives us to provide a superior level of quality. We take pride in our patient’s success stories, and we invite you to read about many of SRT’s Heroes.

Prosthetic Leg Technology

Being a leader in the Industry, we invest in cutting edge technology so our patients have the best fitting prosthetics. We recognize that great prosthetics start with the socket. Utilizing a wide variety of casting techniques, we are able to provide our patients with comfortable, well fitting sockets while significantly reducing/eliminating the need for cast modifications and multiple check socket fittings.

 Amputee Mentor Program

In addition to our prosthetic and orthotic services, SRT is proud to offer a 100% free mentoring program for any amputee and their friends and family. It is always important for the patient to surround themselves with people who will support and challenge them, while offering a sympathetic, and sometimes empathetic, ear. SRT provides peer counseling before and after amputation, including prosthetists, like-minded fellow amputees, and SRT is proud to have Mark White on staff full-time as the Patient Liaison.



Our Prosthetists LOVE attending our patient’s therapy appointments, brainstorming and working as a team with the skilled therapists in our community!