*Not all orthotic services currently available in our Illinois and Wisconsin regions


Dennis Browne Splints, Scottish Rite Systems, Supra Malleolar Orthoses (SMO), Ankle Foot Orthoses, Knee Ankle Foot Orthoses, Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthoses, Scoliosis Orthoses


Aspen TX & Vista, S.O.M.I., CTLSO


Total Contact Body Jackets, Scoliosis Control Orthoses, Chairback Orthoses, Taylor Orthoses, Corsets & Hyperextension


Finger, Hand Wrist, Hip, Knee, Foot Orthoses, Ankle Braces & Supports, Knee Ankle Foot Orthoses


Tibial, Femoral, Humeral

TOM DENNIE Testimonial:

“I was originally fit with an orthotic by another facility in a different city. I specifically told them that I was a very active person and they assured me that my orthotic would support my lifestyle. Soon after, I read the disclosure that stated, ‘This orthotic is not intended for high activity.’ I was forced to tolerate this for years until I learned about SRT Prosthetics & Orthotics.

“I was excited to learn that SRT was very close to my home, and they were able to fit me with a brace that will allow me to do the things I want to do. Now I can play basketball, golf, walk to church, and most importantly, I can run in the backyard with my grandchildren and family without my orthotic slowing me down.”