Eric Shriver woke up expecting his day to be a normal work day, but he soon found out
that would not be the case.
Shriver was working when he was unexpectedly struck by a motorist. Which left him
pinned between the motorist’s vehicle and his own.
“Despite what incident or condition that has caused a person to require amputation, you
are going to have good and bad days. It is nice to have an outlet where you can communicate
issues you are faced with while acclimating to the prosthesis. It is a process getting back to the
movement you were use to, but with determination, goals can be set and achieved,” encourages

Shriver was placed into a community rehab hospital where he was participating in
inpatient therapy and fitted for a prosthesis. During Shrivers time of therapy at Methodist
Hospital he discovered who SRT was and what they could do for him. His first time hearing
about SRT was when a lady named Nancy, from wound care, visited him and spoke very highly
of SRT.

“Everyone I have worked with at SRT has been awesome.”
Now, Shriver works for USIC (United States Infrastructure Corporation) where he is a
Project Supervisor. Being a Project Superviser means Shriver oversees a team of locate
technicians, coordinates with excavation contractors, and provides technical troubleshooting in
the field for marking underground utilities.

“In my line of work, walking and mobility plays a huge part in day to day activities.
Without my prosthesis, I just wouldn’t be able to get my job done.”

Without a proper fit of a prosthesis there will be pain in the amputated limb and could
possibly continue on up through your back or hips due to misalignment.

Shooting hoops, playing guitar, and playing catch are all activities Shriver participates in
and enjoys. He also attends multiple Walking Schools and is making strides to learn to run.
“The Walking Schools SRT hosts are so beneficial and to above knee and below knee
amputees. You receive pointers and get a real sense of community while working on exercises
alongside people dealing with similar issues. I definitely recommend it and SRT.”