When asked which of his accomplishments he was most proud of, Dave Ferguson of Huntington, Indiana excitedly replied “to be able to mow my own yard!”. Join us as we celebrate Dave’s 5 year journey living with limb loss! Click here to see the video! https://youtu.be/w8iwdozbu8k

How did your amputation occur?
In June of 2015, I had a sore on the bottom of my foot caused by diabetes.

Where do you work / what do you do?
I am currently retired, but enjoy exercising at the YMCA three times a week, mowing my own lawn, shopping, running errands, eating out and going to my appointments.

Out of all of your accomplishments, which are you most proud of?
To be able to mow my own yard. I love mowing and the ability to drive my car.

What hobbies or activities are you involved in?
Going to the store or out driving. Being able to go out to restaurants and socialize with people (even with masks on!)

How big of a role does the proper function and fit of your prosthesis play in making it a good or bad day?
It is absolutely necessary. It brought my life together and a lot of freedom. I wear it from the time I get up until I go to bed. It is the first thing on and the least item off.

What has your experience been like with SRT?
Exceptional! Highly recommend them to everyone. They are my lifeline!

What would you like to say to a new amputee to encourage them?
Take each day at a time! Encourage yourself every time each day. Be thankful for every obstacle you achieve. Don’t allow things to get you down. Have faith in yourself and have a good support system!