Chris Bornman of Syracuse, Indiana is a General Contractor with White Oaks Construction of Northern Indiana where he works 16-hour days, occasionally carrying loads of up to 200 lbs. He also takes care of a wide variety of chores at home including shoveling snow and lawn maintenance.

During a bowfishing accident in May of 2020, Chris fell out of his boat, shattering and dislocating his ankle.

His right leg was later amputated on September 24, 2020 below the knee.

Chris is an avid hunter and fisherman in salt water, deep sea, and off of piers and boats, He also enjoys trapping, golf, snowmobiling, motorcycling, jet skiing, and basketball. Biggest shark he ever landed was a 10’ tiger shark and the biggest fish was a 500 lb. goliath grouper.

But out of all of his accomplishments, Chris states that the “love of his grandchildren” is his greatest accomplishment.