Charlie Rix’s life took a drastic turn in February of 2020 after an ATV accident in Wisconsin. Today, Charlie has overcome life’s obstacles and the SRT team is proud to share his outcome!

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Where do you work / what do you do?
Spot Freight / Carrier Sales Rep

Out of all of your accomplishments, which are you most proud of and why?
Shooting a buck on my first hunting trip after losing my arm. I was really proud of this accomplishment because it was within a year of my accident, proving that I could adapt and continue to enjoy my favorite hobbies.

Please provide at least 3 examples of functional tasks that you are able to accomplish either at work or at home.
• Cooking
• Mowing grass
• Opening doors






What hobbies or activities are you involved in? Why do you enjoy them?
I enjoy outdoor hobbies like fishing and hunting because it gives me a chance to get outside, challenge myself, and have fun with friends. I’ve also started mountain biking in the past couple months which has been a cool new challenge.

How big of a role does the proper function and fit of your prosthesis play in making it a good or bad day?
The function and fit of my prosthetics definitely has an impact on my day. It’s really frustrating to have your body work against your mind when you’re trying to do something. It’s always better to have a device that feels good and does what it’s supposed to.


What has your experience been like with SRT?
I am very happy with my experience at SRT. Everyone is very knowledgeable of prosthetic devices and aware of how products align with my functional expectations. Shoutout to Brooke and Mike for their patience and support over the past year to get me set up with devices that have allowed me to maintain an active lifestyle.

Here’s the big one…. what would you like to say to a new amputee to encourage them?
Keep your focus on getting better than you were yesterday. Don’t try to compare yourself to your peers or even yourself before your accident. Set goals and don’t stop till you find solutions that work for you.