Brad Schubert of McHenry, Illinois is the President of The Midwestern Amputee Golf Association.


Brad Schubert, prosthetic leg, amputee golfer

“I first reached out to MWAGA once I had come to the decision to have my lower leg amputated due to osteomyelitis in September of 2014”, stated Brad. “The President at the time invited me to come out and ride along with him at their tournament in 2014, 3 weeks before my scheduled surgery. I left the course later that day confident that I would not just be okay, but that I would thrive with things I want to do post-operation, including playing golf again”.

Bradley joined the SRT family in 2015 when he first met his prosthetist, Erin Ruxton.

“My prosthetist, Erin and I have a great relationship”, said Brad. “Originally, she answered all my questions I had about the process and the parts to my leg. She has always been there to be supportive and helpful when I have a part fail to fix things quickly”.

“A proper fitting prosthesis is a big deal, especially for a leg amputee”, continued Brad. “Leg comfort is key for standing, getting up from a seated position, walking, running or even swinging a golf club. Any type of discomfort can make a day in the life of an amputee difficult to do the simplest day-to-day activity. Making sure that my prosthesis is in working order, that my liner is clean, that my socks aren’t folded in the socket and that my limb fits properly in my socket are all critical to comfort as well”.

Away from the golf course, Brad is a Multimedia Instructional Designer at Cambium Networks, and is also the President of the local Library District Board in McHenry, Illinois. He is also working on getting his Master’s Degree in Instructional Design from Northern Illinois University. When he has down time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Heidi and their two children, Brooke and Tyler.

“I am most proud of my involvement with adaptive golf”, states Brad. “Not just being President of MWAGA but being an adaptive coach as well. I am passionate about the game and I enjoy showing how people with limb loss or other physical limitations can adapt and play a game that is both recreational and can assist with physical rehabilitation. It is through adaptive golf that I have met so many great people that have become like family to me and given me the opportunities to play golf at some locations that I might have not had the opportunity before”.

Brad went on to say, “Don’t let limb loss limit you. There are plenty of things and ways one can adapt to do almost anything. It may not always be simple or easy, but you can still do almost anything you did before your amputation”.

Anyone with limb loss can become a member of MWAGA and Brad invite anyone who is interested in playing adaptive golf to join one of our events or our partners golf clinics. For more information, visit our or on Facebook – Midwestern Amputee Golf Association.