Success Story: BeBionic Hand, in Indianapolis, Indiana

Melissa Roberts, Missy Roberts, Upper extremity prosthetic hand, BeBionic Hand

Missy Roberts of Sheridan, Indiana, is no “newbie” to the prosthetic world. Missy was born without her left arm, and was originally fit at the age of 16 months with her first body powered hook and cable device.

However, this hurdle certainly did not slow her down as she grew up. Missy played the trumpet for 3 years in middle school and was also a cheerleader.
At the age of 17, she was fit with a body powered hand and glove, shortly followed by her first myoelectric hand and glove.

“I wore that specific prosthesis long after the batteries died”, said Missy. “When I turned 35, I was fit with a passive hand that ended up not fitting very well”.

10 years later, she sought out SRT Prosthetics in Indianapolis, where the Upper Extremity Team fit her with the BeBionic, a multi-articulating myoelectic hand. As the Life Enrichment Director at The Lodge Assisted Living in Noblesville, Indiana, Missy’s relies on her prosthesis to enhance, and not hinder, her busy day.

“I use the BeBionic hand to grasp wheelchair handles, firmly hold popcorn bags, hold Euchre cards, and even tie shoestrings”, said Missy. “When I assist in the dining room, I can carry a cup, plate, or bowl, and I can pick up and move the chairs by both handles for different activities. While shopping, this hand will grasp a shopping cart handle, making it easier to maneuver it through the store. Throughout the day I find myself saying, “Wait a minute. I have a BeBionic hand that I can use!”

“I enjoy interacting with the elderly population”, said Missy. “Every day I leave work knowing that I made a difference in my resident’s day. I can be found playing Bingo and Euchre, painting fingernails, doing art and crafts, socializing around the fireplace and having Happy Hour every day at 3:00pm. And if you can’t find me or some of the residents, I’ve taken them out to lunch or on shopping trips and country drives. A few years back, the Maintenance Director asked me to give him a hand. So I took off my arm and said, “Here you go.” He never asked for a hand from me again!”

Jean Sobek, a resident at The Lodge Assisted Living, proudly stated that Missy was “One in a million”. “Missy is joyful, helpful, and has never let her amputation derail her work performance. She is very compassionate to everyone here and she deserves the best”, said Jean.

When asked about her experience at SRT, Missy stated, “I would definitely recommend SRT. From the moment I met Brooke O’Steen (OTR), I knew I was in good hands”, said Missy. Upon walking in the door at SRT you are always greeted me with a smile. Tabitha Siebenaler (Insurance Authorization Manager) was a lot of help dealing with my insurance. Mike Schroeder (Senior Technician) listens to my concerns to make adjustments for a proper fit”.

The SRT family is very proud to be associated with someone as caring and compassionate as Missy Roberts, who continues to enrich the lives of those around her on a daily basis.