Celebrating 30 Years World-Wide!

Amputee Walking SchoolA FREE program provided by SRT, the Amputee Walking School has helped thousands of amputees worldwide achieve their own personal goals of mobility! Throughout the evening, Dennis and Todd will guide amputees through a series of fun exercises in a casual environment to help with increased flexibility and strength to achieve the best performance from their prosthesis. For over 30 years, Paralympic Gold Medalists, Dennis Oehler and Todd Schaffhauser have helped thousands amputees world-wide with this 100% free program, helping them optimize the use of their prosthesis. Whether you have been an amputee for years, a brand new amputee, or even contemplating amputation, the Amputee Walking School is a fun, casual atmosphere filled with inspirational stories and strength training exercises. Amputees are not required to RSVP for this event, and do not have to be a current patient of SRT.

Dates for the 2019 Amputee Walking Schools coming soon! Keep posted!

We encourage you to experience this life-changing opportunity along with your friends and family members! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Theron Steinke at 419.212.2525 or theron@srtpo.com


Dennis and Todd take a hands-on approach to training physical therapists at the Walking School, encouraging the therapists to work one-on-one with the amputees. The Amputee Walking School is also perfect for students, occupational therapists, physicians, restorative nurses, wound care specialists, case managers/social workers, discharge planners, and diabetic counselors. CEU Credits are accredited through the INAPTA. 




Dennis Oehler became a below-knee amputee at the age of 24, as the result of an automobile accident, just weeks prior to signing a contract to playing professional soccer in New York. Dennis would later qualify for the 1988 Paralympics Track and Field Team, where he set the world record in the 100-meter event in 11.73 seconds and won gold medals in the 200- and 400-meter events.


Todd Schaffhauser became an above-knee amputee at the age of fifteen due to bone cancer. Determined to regain an active lifestyle, he qualified for the Paralympics Track and Field Team and won a gold medal by completing the 100-meter event in a time of 15.77 seconds. In the 1995 World Games, he broke his own world record by running the 100-meter in 14.55 seconds.


“SRT’s Walking School is the only place in Fort Wayne where above the knee and below the knee amputees can be together. The school allows us (the amputees) to spend time in each other’s company and to be in the majority even if it’s only for a short time. The social interaction is just as important as the physical drills and tips that Dennis and Todd freely share with us. In the exercise room at Turnstone I learn, share and laugh with everyone who is just like me. It is great to feel “normal,” even if it only lasts two hours every third month.”