We are excited to announce that the Amputee Academy for patients has officially returned! Two great programs to choose from!

Amputee Academy: Community Reintegration (A Virtual Discussion)

Chat with our group of friends in these casual, fun panel discussions as we cover a wide variety of driving topics for both lower and upper extremity amputees including car transfers, state laws, driver’s rehabilitation, motorcycles, truck CDLs, car modifications and more!

Both dates are 100% free for any amputee regardless of their amputation level or years of experience. Friends and family are welcome to join as well! To register or to ask questions, simply email or call Theron Steinke at theron.steinke@srtpo.net or 419.212.2525.

Amputee Academy: Phases of Rehab (An In-Person Experience)

SRT is excited to announce that the in-person Phases of Rehab version of the Amputee Academy program is officially returning to Indianapolis in December! Open to any lower and upper extremity amputee regardless of their level or amputation or years of experience, this program is centered around successful patient outcomes and progression. The focus will be to assess which rehabilitation phase you are in and then establish how to progress to the next level!

Safety will be our first priority and face coverings will be required. To schedule your VIP timeslot, contact Theron Steinke at either theron.steinke@srtpo.net or 419.212.2525.