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The Amp District is a Community Group open to anyone who has undergone an amputation or the family of those effected. Empowering amputees through positive community support, enabling each one to live life to the fullest. Our goal is to live our lives to the fullest by exploring our communities and enjoying the opportunities around us. Demonstrating to our peers that, as amputees, we can conquer the obstacles placed before us. To build each other up through peer support, community activities, and educational services. Helping each other overcome the daily struggles that we have all faced. And by equipping each other with the necessary tools to live limitless.



 1st Monday of Every Month: Morning Coffee Support Group – 8:00am – 11:00am.  Calvin Fletcher’s Coffee Company, 647 Virginia Avenue, Indianapolis








 Amputee Walking School ~ April 17 – April 21

FREE program provided by SRT, the Amputee Walking School has helped thousands of amputees worldwide achieve their own personal goals of mobility! Throughout the evening, Dennis and Todd will guide amputees through a series of fun exercises in a casual environment to help with increased flexibility and strength to achieve the best performance from their prosthesis. For over 25 years, Paralympic Gold Medalists, Dennis Oehler and Todd Schaffhauser have helped over 15,000 amputees world-wide with this 100% free program, helping them optimize the use of their prosthesis. Whether you have been an amputee for years, a brand new amputee, or even contemplating amputation, the Amputee Walking School is a fun, casual atmosphere filled with inspirational stories and strength-training exercises. Amputees are not required to RSVP for this event, and do not have to be a current patient of SRT.

Saturday, April 29: Adaptive Cycling Education and Fun Ride Please check back soon. More Information to Come!




~Saturday, April 8, 2017~ 

WALLS Inc. 5K Fun Run/Walk

~Saturday, March 25, 2017~

Amputee Duckpin Bowling



If you’re looking for a place to share your accomplishments, communicate with other amputees, and be around like-minded people, THIS is the place for you! Join us each month for NEW and EXCITING events that will be encouraging and offer community support while exploring the opportunities around us. Be prepared to set goals and find new limits, make lasting friendships, and be proud of who you are! For more information, contact SRT Patient Advocate, Uriah Steffen at or 574.529.4259



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