In August of 2016, Allen Smukowski of Milwaukee, Wisconsin stepped down off of a 2 foot ledge and fracturing his tibia.

After two and a half years, Allen was fixed with a total of 4 fixators, although he was still able to drive and walk with little to no pain. At the time, his physician said that out of all of his options, amputation was last on the list, however, the fixators were unsuccessful and Allen and his wife had to make the decision to amputate (and turn his fixator into a flower pot!)

“If you can’t laugh, it’s going to be a long journey”, stated Allen. “I trusted my doctor and it was a 5 minute decision to amputate. My doctor and the therapists at Froedtert Hospital were fantastic. They did a terrific job. They meant a lot”.

Allen has lived in the same house in Milwaukee with his wife, Laurie, for the past 59 years. Allen is an early riser and still takes care of laundry, dishes, watering plants, taking out the trash and leaf blowing.

“It’s up to you what your limitations are. You can’t change it. I love going to see Emily and Toby at SRT; I’ve been very satisfied”.

“I can’t look back because I can’t fix yesterday”.