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Celebrating our 20th Anniversary in 2022! Our approach to prosthetics is unlike any other in the industry. Since our doors opened in 2002, SRT Prosthetics & Orthotics has embraced a simple, yet impactful, philosophy: focus on the whole patient, not just on the amputation. Superior Rehabilitation Techniques (SRT) was founded by Sam Santa-Rita, CP, LP with very specific goals in mind. The entire staff at SRT is committed to maintaining facilities that take pride in providing quality care for amputee patients and their families. Out of all our accomplishments, the relationships we’ve formed with our amputee patients have been the most meaningful. The relationships between the patients and SRT staff quickly change from simply being patient-and-professional to close friends. When the prosthetists connect and become emotionally invested in their patients’ well-being, their level of care and commitment only grows.

SRT Prosthetics & Orthotics: Restoring Health, Continually Improving the Prosthetic Industry

Our goals of the past 20 years mirrors our goals for the next 20: to promote a healthier lifestyle for people living with limb loss. Remaining true to our belief that we should focus on the patient as a whole, not just on an amputation, SRT Prosthetics & Orthotics offers numerous opportunities for our amputee patients to promote and promote whole-body health. We’re committed to help fit patients with devices that restore movement and restore their lifestyle. SRT never stops learning and improving. Our prosthetists work closely with physicians, physical and occupational therapists, nurses and other medical professionals to monitor patients’ progress. SRT provides continuing education courses on a wide variety of topics from basics of prosthetic use to advancements in prosthetic technology.

Our Leadership

SRT Prosthetics & Orthotics, LLC is pleased to announce that Jordan Poynter, CPO has been selected to serve as the Director of Clinical Care and Leslie Siebenaler has been selected to serve as SRT’s Director of Operations. Leslie and Jordan succeed Sam Santa Rita, CP who along with his wife Julie, founded SRT in January of 2002. 

Our Prosthetics are Crafted with Cutting Edge Technology

Being a leader in the prosthetics industry, we invest in cutting edge technology so our patients have the best fitting prosthetics. We recognize that great prosthetics start with the socket. Using a wide variety of casting techniques, we are able to provide our patients with comfortable, well fitting sockets while significantly reducing/eliminating the need for cast modifications and multiple check socket fittings. 


Upper Extremity ProstheticsSRT is the only prosthetic company in this part of the country with a specialized Upper Extremity Team. The team consists of Brooke O’Steen, OTR, Upper Extremity Clinical & Education Specialist, Josh Kinsey, CPO, MSPO, Lead Upper Extremity Prosthetist and a specialized group of trained prosthetists and technicians. 


Prosthetic Leg Solutions

At SRT Prosthetics & Orthotics, we’re committed to helping you achieve all of your goals and desires. We strive to provide superior rehabilitation techniques and technology that focuses on whole body health and outcomes. SRT provides physical support while our empathetic, expert staff offers compassionate care for you and your family. Your unique to you prosthetic leg will fit comfortably and function perfectly to help you live life to the fullest.


Our Heroes

We truly believe that the challenges you face each and every day can be overcome with attention to detail – along with care, compassion, faith and the correct guidance. Our sincere belief in these words, paired with the care we provide and the way we deliver it, allows for unsurpassed quality of service.

SRT’s prosthetists are experts on the most up-to-date technology available for both upper and lower extremity amputees. We create your custom prosthetic leg to fit comfortably and function perfectly. SRT’s close relationships with manufacturers over the years has allowed us to be a beta testing site . HOWEVER… it is our patient’s outcomes that truly drives us to provide a superior level of quality. We take pride in our patient’s success stories, and we invite you to read about many of SRT’s Heroes


Amputee Mentor Program

In addition to our prosthetic and orthotic services, SRT is proud to offer a 100% free mentoring program for any amputee and their friends and family. It is always important for the patient to surround themselves with people who will support and challenge them, while offering an empathetic ear. SRT provides peer counseling before and after amputation, including prosthetists and like-minded fellow amputees. 


SRT has provided thousands of education hours for physical therapists, occupational therapists, physicians, nurses, wound care specialists, diabetic counselors, and students on a variety of prosthetic and orthotic topics. SRT is proud to offer continuing education courses free of charge at hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient therapy clinics, as well as home health and dialysis clinics. Reach out to Theron Steinke for more information!


SRT Prosthetics now offers free and secure virtual consultations and evaluations! You can join any of our specialists from the comfort of your own home as we learn more about your goals and develop a custom plan to provide you with the best possible outcome. Contact Mark White, Patient Liaison, at mark.white@srtpo.net to schedule this today!


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