Shawn Brown not only spends his days with amputees, he takes his work home with him.

A native to northeast Indiana, Shawn Brown’s life was dramatically changed in 1992 when he suffered below-knee amputation of his left leg due to an industrial accident in a grain elevator. Normally considered a tragic accident, this actually redirected Shawn’s life in a very positive and exciting way.

Not only did Shawn go skiing in Switzerland the following winter after his amputation, he would also go on to compete in the 1996 Paralympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as the 2000 Paralympic Games in Sidney, Australia. Shawn is a two-time gold medalist in the discus event, where he held a World Record from 1994-2004. However, Shawn would later realize that these accomplishments were just the tip of the iceberg when he met his future wife, Allison, at the 1995 U.S. Nationals where she was a member of the U.S. Disabled Swim Team.

Shawn would later turn his disability into his career when he attended California University Dominguez Hills prosthetic program to become a Certified & Licensed Prosthetist and Orthotist. In 2003, Shawn joined the SRT family, serving the amputees of his home community.

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