SAM SANTA-RITA, CP, LP, CEO - Upper Extremity Team Sam Santa-Rita, CP, Founder - Upper Extremity Team

 Shawn Brown, CPO, LPO – VP of Clinical Operations

 Bryan King, CPO – Regional Director of Operations, Kokomo, Muncie

 John Arnold, CP – Indianapolis

 Jason Timmer, CPO, LP – Fort Wayne

 Jordan Poynter, Prosthetist, CO – Kokomo

 Adam Roth, CO, Prosthetist – Fort Wayne, Butler

 Kevin Hagemeier, CPO – Indianapolis

 Jeff Wells, CPO, LP, Orthotist, Chaplain – Fort Wayne

 Mike Russell, CPO – Indianapolis

 Carolyn McCann, CP, Orthotist, Upper Extremity Team – Indianapolis

 Nick Mowery, CP, Orthotist – Indianapolis

 Michael Perez, CP, Orthotist – Fort Wayne

 Emily Johann, Prosthetist, Orthotist – Indianapolis

Kelly Reid-Krueger, CP, LP – Illinois

 Erin Ruxton, CPO, LPO – Wisconsin

 Tom Hove, Prosthetist, Orthotist – Wisconsin


 Brooke O’Steen, OTR, Health Professional Liaison, Upper Extremity Team

 Uriah Steffen, Patient Advocate

 Mike Schroeder, Senior Technical Supervisor, Upper Extremity Team


To reach a specific member of the administrative staff, please dial 866.633.3961 and the following extensions:


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