AK — Above the knee level of amputation

AFO — Ankle Foot Orthosis

Alignment — Position of a prosthetic socket in relation to foot and knee

Amputation — Removal of all or part of a limb due to infection, injury, tumor, disease or trauma

Amputee — A person who has had all or part of a limb removed/amputated or is born without a limb

Traumatic amputation — A spontaneous removal of a limb as a result of an accident

Bilateral — Bi means both, meaning both sides

BE — Below elbow level of amputation – Transradial

BK — Below the knee level of amputation – Transtibial

Cadence — Walking speed

CPO — Certified prosthetist and orthotist (also known as CO – CP – CPOT)

Disarticulation — Limb is amputated through the joint

Distal — Located at a distance away from the point of origin

Doffing — Taking the prosthesis off

Donning — Putting the prosthesis on

Edema — Swelling of the tissues (also spelled oedema)

Endo — Inside

Exo — Outside

Gait — Training, learning to walk with a prosthesis

HKAFO — Hip Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis

HO — Hip Orthosis

KAFO — Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis

KO — Knee Orthosis

Liner — Soft socket rolled over the stump used for protection, comfort and in some cases as a suspension

Lower extremity — Lower limb

Phantom pain — Painful feeling in the part of the extremity that has been amputated

Phantom sensation — Awareness of the amputated limb, although not described as pain

Phantom limb — Sensation of the presence of the limb that has been amputated

Pistoning — When a liner stretches so that the stump elongates

Prosthesis — A fabricated/artificial substitute for a body part that is missing

Prosthetist — Someone who specializes in designing, fitting and making artificial limbs

Residual limb — The remaining part of the limb after amputation

Shrinker – made of an elastic material and designed to help control swelling of the residual limb or to shrink it in preparation for a prosthetic fitting

Socket — The part of the prosthesis (artificial limb) that fits around the residual limb

Suction socket — A socket on an artificial leg that is held to the residual limb by the suction of negative pressure maintained within the socket

Transradial — Amputation below the elbow

Transfemoral  — Amputation above the knee

Transmetasatal  — Amputation through junction of toe and foot bones

Transtibial  — Amputation below the knee

Transhumeral — Amputation above the elbow

Upper extremity — Upper limb

Total contact — Total contact between the limb and socket at all points

Vascular amputation — Amputation surgery perfomed as a result of impaired circulation of blood through the blood vessels of the limb

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