SRT Prosthetics & Orthotics in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Wisconsin

SRT Prosthetics & Orthotics Since the doors opened in 2002, SRT Prosthetics & Orthotics was founded on a simple, yet impactful philosophy; to focus on the whole patient, not just on the part that is missing. Superior Rehabilitation Techniques (SRT) was founded by Sam Santa-Rita, CP, LP with very specific goals in mind. The entire staff at SRT is committed to maintaining facilities that take pride in providing quality care for patients and their families. In 2019, Jordan Poynter, CPO was selected to serve as the new Director of Clinical Care and Leslie Siebenaler was selected to serve as the Director of Operations.

The relationships with our patients have been the most meaningful parts of our accomplishments. The relationship between the patients and the SRT staff quickly change from simply being a patient, to being a close friend. When the practitioners connect and become emotionally invested in another person’s well-being, the level of care and commitment can only grow. The goals of the past 20 years mirror the goals of the next 20 years: to promote a healthier lifestyle for our patients. Remaining true to our belief that we should focus on the patient as a whole, SRT offers numerous opportunities for our patients to promote whole body health. SRT never stops learning and improving.

Our practitioners work closely with physicians, physical and occupational therapists, nurses and other medical professionals to monitor patient progress. SRT provides educational courses on a wide variety of topics from the basics of prosthetic use to the advancements in prosthetic technology. SRT is confident that the next 20 years will be better than the first 20. Our company is maturing as an organization which allows us to take on projects that are unique and beneficial, but certainly outside the scope of a typical prosthetic and orthotic company.

SRT Prosthetics now offers free and secure virtual consultations and evaluations! You can join any of our specialists from the comfort of your own home as we learn more about your goals and develop a custom plan to provide you with the best possible outcome. Contact Mark White, Patient Liaison, at to schedule this today!